Keldrimäe Guesthouse has a long and interesting history. Located in the heart of Kassari village, in the former Manor, the guesthouse has been operating for over 20 years. All rooms and auxiliary rooms received a fresh new look at the end of 2021. Keldrimäe Guesthouse accommodates 14 guests (12 beds, 2 additional spots on fold-out couches). Each room has its own WC/shower room (two rooms have the WC/shower room inside the room, but for the exclusive use of that room's guests). During the renovations, all furniture in the rooms was replaced. A new family room (Room 4) has been completed - a room with a wide bed connected to an adjacent room with two single beds, a writing desk, and a wardrobe, accommodating 4 people. All main house rooms (Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4) are equipped with televisions.

There is a shared kitchenette and a lounge area. The kitchenette is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, kettle, coffee maker, toaster, and dining utensils (note: there is no stove in the kitchenette). The cozy kitchenette features an oval table. The lounge area has a spacious corner sofa and a TV for enjoying time with family or friends and watching favorite shows.

In the courtyard of Keldrimäe Guesthouse, there is a pyramid-shaped camping unit for 2 people, with an option for an additional bed. This camping unit is interesting in that it resembles a reduced copy of an Egyptian pyramid, built in the correct proportions and oriented according to the cardinal directions. Although the secrets of the ancient Egyptians' pyramid are still undiscovered to this day, it is claimed that it has a powerful effect on balancing the body. In Estonia, there are scientists who have studied the healing effects of the pyramid on humans and have used them themselves. Based on their research, they claim that staying under the pyramid aligns a person's bio-field, releases negative energies including disease energies, charges individuals with cosmic energy, directs mental energy positively, and boosts sexual energy. Those who have benefited from it believe that it is another gift from nature, and getting acquainted with the pyramid is an infinitely fascinating and mysterious experience. Those interested can book a stay in our pyramid to experience it firsthand. The pyramid measures 6x6 meters, has a skylight, WC and shower room. The pyramid is insulated and equipped with a heating system, allowing it to be used year-round.